pulling a tooth spokane valley

What Happens After Your Tooth Is Pulled


pulling a tooth spokane valley

While you’re having your tooth pulled, you’ll experience some discomfort but nothing more than one or two weird sensations. And when pulling a tooth spokane valley patients have little to fear as far as pain goes because there is little to none of that, see. And after the tooth is finally pulled, there will always be aftercare. It will always be based on the type of extraction done, as well as the location of the actual tooth.

And the healing time won’t be that long, usually just a week or so of healing is all that is required. But in order to ensure that the healing is successful, the patient does need to know what to do during that time. For instance, he needs to be aware of keeping the blood clot in place within the tooth socket. This is because dislodging it can cause what is known as a dry socket. And that could be quite painful.

Now, in order to avoid dislodging the blood clot, the patient should not rinse nor spit at least for a day after the tooth has been pulled. But after that, he can rinse his mouth with a salt solution. This is usually made up of just half a teaspoon of salt and no more than eight ounces of warm water.

Other things could also be done to speed up the healing time. Painkillers could be prescribed. An ice bag could be applied to the affected area immediately following the removal of the tooth. But this can only be for no more than ten minutes at a time. Because if ice packs are left for too long, it could very well lead to tissue damage. Good news too is that plenty of rest has been prescribed.